Renapro® Shot is an approved study product

Stanningley Pharma is proud to announce that Renapro® Shot has been approved as a study product for the multicentre EFFORT trial.


The EFFORT trial is a randomised, clinical trial of 4,000 nutritionally high risk critically ill patients. It aims to investigate the effect of higher protein dosing ≥2.2 g/kg/day OR Usual Care group ≤1.2 g/kg/day on survival and rates of recovery. Renapro® Shot has been approved for use in the trial, and the company is pleased to be able to offer all participating centres some free product, and some product on preferential terms.

Why is Renapro® Shot an ideal product for the EFFORT trial?

Renapro® Shot (peach) is a “complete” protein (20g), low calorie (90kcal), low volume (60ml) product that is approved for tube feeding. It enables you to administer one shot of 20g protein from a standard 60ml enteral syringe. This high dosing regime is an important consideration given how much protein could be required by one patient. Renapro® Shot can potentially halve the number of doses required by the alternative modular protein available in the study. Both dietitians and nurses regularly comment on the convenience and the ease of administration with Renapro® Shots.

More information about Renapro® Shot

If you would like to receive more information about Renapro® Shot in connection with the EFFORT trial please contact Stanningley Pharma tel 0115 9124253 or info@stanningleypharma.co.uk


More information about EFFORT

For more information about the EFFORT trial, please click here

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