Far-Infrared Therapy Unit

Fistula Care with Far-Infrared Therapy Unit


Clininical Benefits

  • Clinically proven to support fistula maturation and patency

  • Improves pain and steal syndrome

  • Improves haematoma clearance

  • Improves fistulaplasty reqirements

  • The only Far Infrared medical device for kidney patients, supported by published clinical trials, and used in the NHS for fistula care

Patient Experience

  • Pleasant warm sensation

  • Relieves post veno-puncture bruising

  • Reduces pain at fistula

  • Improves wound healing


Easy To Operate

  • 40 min self timer

  • Mobile between patients

  • Used for 40 mins, at least 3x per week whilst on or off dialysis

  • Available to patients or hospitals

  • Purchase or lease

  • Fully guaranteed for 2 years

Far-Infrared Therapy


  • Non invasive

  • Low risk

  • Low heat

  • Can be given on HD, in clinic or at home

  • Simple to administer


Product Far Infrared Therapy Unit

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