Renavit® is a patented formulation of water soluble vitamins, containing 8 B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8, B9, B12) and Vitamin C.



Renavit® is approved as a Food for Special Medical Purposes (FSMP), indicated for the dietary management of water soluble vitamin deficiency in Renal Failure patients receiving dialysis.


Renavit® dose is generally one tablet daily (swallowed, not chewed), if not otherwise prescribed by the physician.

Pack Size

Pack size only available as 100 tablet packs  

Cost  £12.86

Vitamin losses in Maintenance Haemodialysis patients

“Abnormal renal metabolism, inadequate intake and/or gastrointestinal absorption and dialysis losses, account for vitamin deficiencies amongst dialysis patients. Losses are even greater with high-flux and high efficiency dialysis. Vitamin deficiency progresses slowly depending on body stores, nutritional intake and chronic dialysis losses. Vitamin status in individual patients depends on age, gender, actual vitamin intake, previous supplementation, dialysis losses, residual renal function, time on dialysis and types of dialysers in addition to impaired metabolism.” 1





  1. EBPG Guideline on Nutrition, Nephrol Dial Transplant, 2007 22 [Suppl 2]: ii45–ii87



Product Renavit®

ACBS approved, FSMP*, Listed in section XV of drug tariff

Endorse FP10/GP10/WP10 prescription with “ACBS approved” for retail pharmacy to dispense

1 unit pack size contains 100 coated tablets

NHS list price (ex VAT) £12.86

EAN 4027052100300

PIP 3803673

Wholesalers Alliance Healthcare, AAH Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Phoenix Healthcare Distribution Ltd, Sangers, United Drug Consumer- Blackhall (Republic of Ireland)


**FSMP: Food for Special Medical Purposes

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Renavit® Data Sheet

Patient Information Leaflet (pack insert)

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